Many people today are disconnected from their community, family, history, and the land, and it is vital to provide opportunities to reconnect, restore, heal, and re-empower. Years ago, I took a conscious vow to serve the people in whatever way I was led. As a result, I have offered myself as a physician and medicine woman, a teacher of spiritual tradition, a facilitator and bridge between the worlds, a birth coach, a death walker, and sometimes just a comforting voice and an outstretched hand. I have, with the help of many on both sides, established a holistic health center and a spiritual community, and am in the process of creating a new series of classes, training manuals and mixed media teaching aids, as well as an educational institution.

Registered in 2008, the “SharetheWisdom Institute” is in its infancy. It was initially established to be utilized as an umbrella structure under whose auspices I, and others, will teach locally, nationally, and internationally.

The mission of the SharetheWisdom Institute is, simply put, to unite, empower, affirm, and expand. With my own curriculum, and with a potential faculty of amazing and gifted professionals, we offer the opportunity to facilitate the unification of other, like-minded individuals, to affirm their inner knowing, empower them in their lives, and expand their vision of themselves and how they walk in the world.

Moving through the world with passion, clear vision, authenticity, and integrity can positively affect all life around us. Thus, on a fundamental level, the purpose of the SharetheWisdom Institute is to offer encouragement to “look at the bigger picture,” to “re-member” our true selves, and to learn to listen, to feel, and to trust. Like a stone thrown into a still pond, the effects can ripple out, supporting others to learn for themselves what will provide them with wholeness and balance, keep their sparks lit, and walk in relationship with all.

I have been told and firmly believe that we, as a people, currently stand at a crossroads in time and space on this earthwalk—politically, economically, socially, environmentally and spiritually. Great changes are on the horizon and how we prepare for and face them now will deeply affect us all in the days to come. Some of these events have been shown to me and some are not yet for me to know. However, what I do know is that our children matter, our elders matter, our ancestral and tribal lineages matter, and that we all must work as a community to sustain each other and our Mother planet. By becoming more of who we truly are, we can give ourselves the opportunity to stand as beacons for others, role models for those whose lives we touch and, regardless of the format upon which we give, to become true agents of change. It is time for us to circle back to the past and bring forth its wisdom into the present in order to create the future. It is the only way we will survive.